Beauty Tips for a Summer Ready Body

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Beauty Tips for a Summer Ready Body

It’s bikini season again so it’s time to get that bikini body in shape, and that perfect tan and glow. Getting into your summer body is not easy and there is no quick way to a perfect summer body. It takes a time to get it ready so begin before summer arrives. Here are a few steps to follow to get your beach body ready.


For a beautiful skin, moisturizing is the number one rule, a dry skin is never attractive. During winter the body needs extra moisture so that before the summer season arrives and your bikini body is soft and glowing. Use a rich moisturizer after a shower, when you go out in the sun use a good sun block with SPF higher than 30. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a good amount of water so that the glow comes from within you.


Exfoliation is another rule for beautiful skin. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells thus bringing a beautiful skin tone, although you have to remember not to overdo it. Use a light scrub that has micro particles in it or use a natural ingredient as a scrub like baking soda, crushed almonds, rice powder, oatmeal etc. Rub it gently over your body mixed with milk or yogurt and see how the glow is developed within a week.


A perfect summer body is not complete with a glowing tan; you can get your preferred tan at a salon or with a self-tanning lotion. Natural suntan can is although the best way to get yourself a perfect tan but remember to be very careful and not overdo it or sunburn yourself. Always use a sunscreen followed by an after sun lotion and with a few days your beach body will be perfect for flaunting.


We all know that waxing is a must performed ritual before getting into that bikini. All you have to do is get yourself booked at the salon and ask the waxing lady to get the job done for you.


Cellulite and bikini do not go together, for a perfect beach body you need to get rid of the fats. Get into shape, tone up your legs, arms and butt by heading towards the gym before getting into that bikini.


For bringing out that internal glow on the body, boost it by the intake of required nutrition, in other words, eat for the glow. Go on a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables while getting some vitamin boost as well.